01.29.18 “Crystal Blue Persuasion” wc 313

by edifytruth albert-twain (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

When we covet perjured Truth
instead of the real thing
the memory of Jesus
helps crown fraud ‘king of kings.’

When we subtract perjured truth
and break heresy’s spell
faith’s no longer tainted by
purgatory or hell.

Actions have consequences.
Genesis is not sooth.
There was no fall. Elders lied.
It’s time to walk with Truth.

We must free all children
from exposure to the fraud
endorsing flat earth ignorance
as the ‘very’ word of God.

If you want to win the race
where wisdom is the prize
‘put away the childish things’
used to sustain their guise.

The imagery of Christ
comes from a forbidden tree.
“Eat this” is an apple
entrapping the Holy See.


Look over yonder
What do you see?
The sun is a-risin’
Most definitely
A new day is comin’, whoo-hoo
People are changin’
Ain’t it beautiful, whoo-hoo
Crystal blue persuasion

QHS, et al.

What are the two most popular myths
impeding equality, liberty and justice for all?

class: “Myth number one:  Adam and Eve.
Myth number two: God banged Mary.”

Why do Americans call themselves Christians
who believe ‘Satan is real?’

class: “The U. S. Supreme Court allows perjured truth
to be sanctioned as holy.”

(“How do we polarize Quantico High
and free those exposed to heresy’s lie?”

class: “We use ‘crystal blue persuasion.'”)

class: “Grace does not require that we
respect the fraud that some believe.”

This is the final post for ‘the Photon Missives.’

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01.28.17 “Christian Democrats” wc 222

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


gnolice: “Christian Democrats are entrapped by
atonement doctrine’s little white lie.”

gnovice: “When perjured truth is ‘done away with’
we neutralize fraud from Eden’s myth.”

What does Hillary think? “Neutralizing Temptation Acquiescence”

tom: “Why do some Transylvanians
become heretics who deceive?”
huck: “Ministers embellish the myth
claiming ‘God’ made Adam and Eve.”

kathy sue: “Time’s exposed one story
from the land with a Dead Sea
where elders told a whopper
that entraps with heresy.”

gnolitter: “‘I AM’ did not make Adam.
Lucifer did not tempt Eve.
Real justice frees children from
folk who pimp make-believe.”

“This ain’t no place for no hero to call home.

“Conservatives and Liberals”

Let’s play a game. Let’s define ‘conservatives’ as people who believe Truth matters and ‘liberals’ as people who use perjured truth to achieve their goals. Which group clubs children with a rib bone fib, and call themselves Christians and Jews?

Which group shields America’s children from the freedom to be taught with Truth so ignorance can masquerade as grace from God? Which group brainwashes children with primitive fundamentalism because they have chosen to ignore the grace that frees them from atonement doctrine?

Christians and Jews are an impediment to grace because they encourage the fraud disrupting social cohesion with intellectualism that’s flawed.

01.27.18 “Literacy & Unity” wc 380

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

Jesus was probably stoned to death.
The New Testament is ‘Take Two.’
Evangelical Judaism
helps children learn to think like a Jew.

That is why our chief justice became a Roman Catholic.

Catholics cannot become ‘catholics’ without bondage to the heresy of atonement doctrine. We know it is heresy because there was no fall. We know there was no fall because we have a tailbone. Our tail bones prove Adam and Eve are part of a myth used to structure the heresy of atonement doctrine.

No one can claim that it is harmful for people to believe in the existence of God when Truth is the cornerstone of faith. When Truth is the cornerstone, ‘faith’ fellowships inspire literacy that has intrinsic value. (True or False?)

When fraud is used to manipulate people justice isn’t real. History shows us that when subterfuge generates chaos, division and strife some capitalists prosper. The Christian Right make the deconstruction of ‘grace’ their raison d’être by calling Eden’s sophistry ‘Good News.’ When ‘Good News’ stands against the empowerment of equality, liberty and justice for all it becomes a domestic threat.

It is difficult to attack the presence of perjured truth when doing so makes those who are victims of it feel “persecuted.” The Anti Christ points a finger at the fraud masquerading as grace from God. The ‘fullness of time’ allows us to grasp Darwin and Wallace’s revelation.

class: “America will remain divided as long as fraud is Lord, John.”

Grace makes justice real. Its absence leads to children being clubbed with a rib bone fib. Can courts genuinely believe that perjured truth has intrinsic value? Science helps us empower equality, liberty and justice for all. 

class: “Science is grace that frees us from the ignorance that makes us dumb.”

gnotaylor: “What do Katy Perry’s fans think?”



gnolice: “Christians make hokum feel sacred by exploiting credulity.”
gnovice: “When we subtract ‘an eye for an eye’ we step towards civility.” (MLK paraphrase)

gnolice: “Doing away with perjured truth helps redeem folk who’ve become flawed”
gnovice: “by the cognitive dissonance shielding their discernment of fraud.”

1st Corinthians 13:10: “When justice allows truth to become real pseudo-intellectualism is done away with.” (<- grandpa’s favorite permutation)

01.26.18 “Anemic Scholarship” wc 146

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

kathy sue: “Bishop Spong exposes the pseudo scholarship of folk who’ve analyzed atonement doctrine and pronounced it ‘kosher.’”

“Jews and Christians are infected by an uncanny desire to covet a lie.”

“When we choose to paint with Wallace and Darwin justice helps structure society with Truth.”


gnolice: “If God is real
and God loves you
should freedom include
   being taught what’s true?”

gnovice: “When heretics claim 2 + 2 equals 5
more perfect unions aren’t able to thrive.’”

gnofleas: “Anemic integrity tempts all Christians and Jews to corrupt truth by embellishing heresy’s ruse.”

kathy sue: “Do children of God become lukewarm when they covet perjured Truth?”

d: “Christ changed my life and God called me to be a war president.”

Stay Tuned folks, he’s coming around again!

released on Feb 13, 2018 “The Missing Link” wc 182

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


gnofleas: “As a ‘baby boomer’ who began ‘growing up’ in the 1960’s, I was exposed to an argument against the reality of evolution, by bible thumpers who claimed  ‘a missing link’ prevented science from correcting our perception of how life began on Earth. While ‘evolution’ does not actually explain how life began on Earth it does explain the relationship between ‘extinct’ and ‘about to be extinct’ species.”

kathy sue: “There is no ‘missing link’ in the real world. Discerning the proper place to use that term allows us to say ‘the missing link’ is literacy that frees Christians and Jews from coveting their fidelity to the fraud from atonement doctrine.”

gnolitter: “There is a missing link in the Christian’s cognitive ability to understand how grace can free us from the fraud they’re taught to believe is grace from God.”

gnofleas: “Here’s a pic of the missing link. If you don’t believe its real, call your doctor and ask him or her how much it costs ‘to surgically remove’ your tailbone.”