“The Anti Fraud Campaign”

by edifytruth (aiming higher)  wc 325

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


‘The Photon Missives’ are a catalyst for the weaponization of truth. Justice can defeat religious fraud. The Anti Christ perspective is not Anti Truth or Anti Jesus. It is ‘anti Christ’ because ‘Christ’ personifies the heresy of atonement doctrine. When truth is weaponized, Judaism 1 and 2.0 suffer collateral damage.


Jesus: “Juxtaposing the fruit from the forbidden tree with the insights from Wallace and Darwin reduces biblical creationism’s ability to corrupt society with imperfect intellectualism. Subtracting ignorance empowers literacy. Literacy is required to strengthen social cohesion. (Equality, liberty and justice for all.)”


Jesus appears as a co host of “The Photon Missives” courtesy of anonymous sub atomic particles folding time and space. wordpress is the current vector for illuminating the fabled Second Coming. class: “The Second Coming allows intellectual integrity to embrace the memory of Jesus without the hyperbole.”

‘The Photon Missives’ are a pragmatic effort to calibrate sanity with a simple premise. If ‘ignorance is a catalyst for chaos, division and strife,’ what happens when we subtract Adam and Eve? What happens when justice becomes real and no American suffers from exposure to fellowships promoting fraud stamped holy as grace from God? What happens when Judaism 1 and 2.0 are stripped of the their ability to impede literacy with the fertile fiction from primitive fundamentalism? Is there life after atonement doctrine? Can we illuminate why there is a need to separate the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ? Can America function more perfectly when justice demands we stop teaching children with ignorance stamped holy? The Anti Christ perspective paves the way for improving intellectual integrity. It promotes ‘faith based on truth’ as we’ve come to understand it.  Grace cannot tolerate ignorance stamped holy. Can justice tolerate perjured truth and still call itself justice? If fraud is frowned upon in the corporate world why is it sanctioned by the Holy See, the U.S. Supreme Court and Hell’s Bottom?