12.15.17 “The Inquisition” wc 163

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

class: “When Truth empowers justice
Christendom will be set free
from the abomination
rightfully called heresy.”

“Everyone (of us) has a tailbone.
Lucifer did not tempt Eve.
Jesus tried to free folk from
ignorance used to deceive.”

gnofleas: “What was the ignorance Jesus wanted done away with?” class: “The fraud that began with Adam and Eve.”

gnolice: “Once there was a campfire
in the land with a Dead Sea
where elders told a whopper
that gave wings to heresy.”

gnovice: “Jesus blew the whistle and exposed the subterfuge.
We call it atonement doctrine.”

kathy sue: “If Jesus could stand before the U. S. Supreme Court and ask John why he allows the court to be a co-enabler of fraud, what would our chief justice say?”

Jesus: “You know you have a tail bone, John. In fact, all of you do. Grace allows us to end the fraud that entraps Christians and Jews.”

Advertisements “A Fool’s Errand” wc 177/173

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

class: “Black cat theologians
pretend to know God.
Ministers use (the name of) Jesus
to embellish their fraud.”

pastor ric: “You cannot prove our use of the N. T. makes us charlatans.”

gnolitter: “You have a tailbone pastor ric. That means Adam and Eve were fiction. When you anoint the memory of Jesus with the imagery of atonement doctrine you embellish biblical fiction. ‘I AM’ did not make Adam. ‘I AM’ did not make Eve. ‘I AM’ doesn’t brainwash children by making ministers deceive.”

kathy sue: “You choose to teach children with perjured truth and then claim the perjured truth is grace from God. That makes you and others like you charlatans who deceive, when you teach innocent children ‘God made Adam and Eve.’”

tom: “The proof can be seen in this diagram.”

“ When you live in denial of the fact you have a tailbone, you become a charlatan who corrupts the memory of Jesus with the imagery of Christ.”


edifytruth: “When I add the Foundation’s Mule to a fold in space time, then add Donaldson’s ‘Covenant’ with King’s ‘Job,’ I create a complex identity for the personification of the Anti Christ perspective. 9.11 turned the Bush administration into a vector for grasping why the fold in space time led to the manifestation of the Anti Christ perspective.”

“The Pentagon has become the ‘error’ prone ‘AE 35 unit’ prophesying the return of Jesus armed with an assault rifle. Vested interests have gone full tilt bozo. Intellectual integrity is not ‘a very wide gray area’ as some would suggest. The freedom of religion clause cannot be allowed to sustain fraud that undermines the pursuit of equality, liberty and justice for all. Actions to protect ‘National security’ have become portals for sustaining the imperfect intellectualism that equates to high treason.”

“The ‘Iron Dome’ over the Holy See, made visible by the presence of Judaism 1 and 2.0 in our judicial branch, denies Americans the right to educate children with Truth. Freedom allows justice to eviscerate the fraud that begins with Adam and Eve.”

chief justice: “We promote ‘filter bubbles’ by sanctioning Eden’s myth. When ‘God’ empowers justice the myth perjured truth must be done away with.”

12.14.17 “Mirror Neurons” wc 70

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

gnolice: “Orthodox Jews are entrapped by a ruse.”
gnovice: “There was no fall from ‘Original Sin.’
gnolice: “Christians believe a fib can be good news.
gnovice:Justice exalts ‘Truth’ using Charles Darwin.”

ferfi: “Jesus was not born to be
fruit from Eden’s fabled tree.
He goal was to free the Jews
from fraud some neighbors call ‘Good News.'” “Sequential Filtration” wc 111

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

Justice changes what we believe
by subtracting Adam and Eve.

pastor ric: “I can’t be a pastor unless I believe Satan is real. I need the blood of a lamb to escape the wrath of God.”

kathy sue: “No pastor ric, you do not. What you need is truth that frees you from black cat theology.”

class: “Once there was a campfire
in the land with a Dead Sea
where elders told a whopper
that gave wings to heresy.”

“Should we embrace integrity
or stay the course with fraud?
One path leads to equality,
the other leaves grace flawed.”

12.13.17 “Threat Assessments” wc 322

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

What happens when the Joint Chiefs are unable to view cognitive dissonance as a serious domestic threat to national security? The short answer is ‘intellectual integrity becomes lukewarm and vested interests against equality, liberty and justice for all showcase their ‘B game’ as the lesser evil.

The Department of Defense eats its own tail when it chastises any American for voicing  dissent. Cognitive dissonance fosters our ability to lie and still believe we speak with truth. Cognitive dissonance allows men and women to believe they serve God and Country instead of fraud. Cognitive dissonance is the reason retired Lt. general William Boykin can sincerely believe Jesus will return one day armed with an assault rifle.

Fixing the problems generated by cognitive dissonance began when education fostered literacy that helps our intellect discern truth from fiction. When we consider ignorance an intellectual fog that handicaps the level of clarity required to overcome chaos generated by cognitive dissonance we must replace Adam and Eve with Wallace and Darwin.

Jesus died. Our tail bones eviscerate the validity of (atonement) doctrine used to corrupt Tarheels with the belief Jesus will return to rapture the body of Christ.

Every Christian and Jew serving in the armed forces suffers from the fraud that generates faith in cognitive dissonance instead of truth.

The Joint Chiefs must understand that when we allow cognitive dissonance to illuminate imperfect intellectualism as grace from God equality, liberty and justice for all suffer.

When we restructure our understanding of the religion clause, and allow truth to eviscerate the cognitive dissonance leading men and women to serve fraud instead of America, we empower justice for all and strengthen our nation with literacy instead of faith in a fib bone fib. Jesus died.

When courts embrace integrity
we expose Judaism’s fraud
and free our nation from the lie
slandering ‘God’ with truth that’s flawed.