“Fool’s Gold”

Christian fellowships are deceived by fraud.
Fiction leads many to think they know God.
Truth helps us see why Genesis is flawed.
Grace does not teach children to ‘fear God.’

God’s Blessing
Do Christian neighbors really want ‘God’ to bless America?

The Torah bears false witness.
It’s used to slander God.
‘Christ’ helps to personify
atonement doctrine’s fraud.

gnolitter: “If ‘perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment’ and perfect love is from ‘God,’ where did purgatory and eternal damnation come from?”
kathy sue: “Catholicism’s a ‘form of godliness’ that intimidates with fear. When it’s ‘done away with’ justice for all becomes real.”

gnolice: “Do more perfect unions allow religious hucksters institutions to impede justice for all?”
gnovice: “No. More perfect unions require those that claim to serve God also respect the truth that frees everyone from imperfect intellectualism. That is the better path for empowering justice for all!”
kathy sue: “When the freedom of religion clause is mishandled by those who serve a second master it allows children to be taught with mythopoeic fraud.”
gnolitter: “God blesses America by replacing biblical creationism with more perfect truth. Now we must stop the funding of the fraud.”

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi 


02.29.16 “Justice For All”

Sacrificing the integrity of truth 
leads to unwelcome(d) causality 
from fundamentalists who need to transcend 
chaos wrought with Dead Sea heresy. 

catholicism subterfuge fraud n. 1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. 2. A piece of trickery; a swindle. 3. a. Heresy that misleads with a myth. b. Ignorance that assumes a false pose. c. Pretense that masquerades as grace from “God.”

gnolice: “Integrity becomes anemic
by pretending wrong is right.”
gnovice: “When fraud corrupts the status quo
Christ heresy appears as light.”

We can use the Bible
to help synchronize God’s grace.
Emergent truth corrects what’s wrong.
There was no fall from grace.

“When that which is perfect is come,
then that which is imperfect is done away with.”
1 Corinthians 13:10

Clarity’s criticism

brings death to Original Sin
when those who now serve justice
bring biblical fraud to its end. “Intrinsic Value”

God Blesses America
How do we convince those who embrace the New Testament as truth that it is God’s will that they be freed from the ignorance that makes them covet their Christian identities? What is to be gained by separating the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ? How does an infusion of intellectual integrity in both political parties benefit the greater good? What will change by removing Genesis from courts and pulpits across America?

gnolitter: “We divide and conquer division and strife by empowering justice for all.”
gnolice: “When we embrace justice that allows affection for emergent truth, Adam and Eve are replaced with more wholesome narratives. We are able to drive a stake through the belief that the devil is real because grace (God’s blessing) frees us from teaching children with the fraud from the bible.”
gnovice: “We can respect the teachings and memory of Jesus without the interference that promotes irrational fears by manipulating purgatory and eternal damnation as two needful windows for amazing grace.”
kathy sue: “Literacy helps us overcome imperfect intellectualism. Teaching that ‘all men are brothers’ helps all children better prepare for life as good neighbors, instead of religious fanatics suffering from brain damage because they’ve been clubbed with a rib fib.” (imperfect intellectualism)

In the end, we must all agree that truth has intrinsic value. The Torah should not be in our courts because it represents perjured truth. The acceptance of perjured truth makes justice for all anemic and the cycles of violence from chaos, division and strife continue. That is why we benefit from the anti Christ perspective. It requires accountability to the fact religious heresy stamped holy leads grown men to believe ‘God’ calls them to be Christian soldiers, Christian presidents or Christian judges. ‘God’ is not the author of fraud. Judaism 2.0 is fraud. Can you grok it?

Contrasting Incongruity
When we agree that the integrity of truth matters we are faced with the problem of discerning truth from fiction. When perjured truth is protected with the freedom of religion clause, belief in the existence of God is used to sanction fraud. That fraud leads to American children being taught with imperfect intellectualism. The problem is corrected by removing Adam and Eve from the equation. Removing Adam and Eve also means removing Satan and Christ. This is problematic for the advocates of Judaism 2.0.

grok ɡräk/ verb us informal
1.  understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.
“because of all the commercials, children grok things immediately”
empathize or communicate sympathetically; establish a rapport.

The Voice of Dissent
“Where’s the harm in teaching with imperfect intellectualism? Why should ‘justice for all’ exclude the right for us to teach children with flat earth fundamentalism masquerading as grace from God? Why shouldn’t children be taught with ignorance stamped holy if the ignorance serves the greater good? Why can’t we trust in ‘God’ with fraud and live in denial of the truth that frees? We want to be Christians! You must forgive our trespasses and our abusive interpretation of the freedom of religion clause until someone is smart enough to free us from the belief we were born sinners.” the body of Christ, et al.

It really doesn’t require higher intelligence. For many folk, intellectual integrity means an end to the paychecks supplied by their allegiance to institutionalized ignorance. When the greater evil is viewed as ‘unemployment’ and the lesser becomes ‘teaching children and seminary students with Eden’s fraud,’ many in the GOP and the Christian Right silently acquiesce to the positive benefits from entrapping Americans with ignorance stamped holy.

That brings us full circle to the children being subjugated by the ignorance that genuine justice would free them from. Integrity in the court requires a paradigm shift away from orthodox Catholicism’s desire to sustain imperfect intellectualism as infallible grace from God. “Solve For B”

A + B = C

A = perjured truth revealed by the passage of time coupled to the insights of Wallace and Darwin.
C = eternal life in heaven, courtesy of the perjured truth in Genesis (A) being added to the perjured truth that deceives with “B.”

Solve for “B.”
a. Truth is perjured by claiming atonement doctrine is required to escape Divine vengeance and wrath. (For some, according to the dictates of Judaism 2.0, that occurs on Judgment Day.)
b. Perjured truth uses fiction about a fall from grace to validate the need for adherence to primitive fundamentalism spun with the Torah.
c. Perjured truth is required in order to anoint the memory of Jesus with the imagery of Christ.

What must be added to the perjured truth from Genesis (A) in order to empower the heresy that promises those who believe ‘eternal life?’ (C) What are the possible solutions for B?

B = pick one

a. John 3:16
b. A resurrection that fuses the memory of Jesus to the imagery of Christ.
c. Catholicism (Judaism 2.0)
d. Narrative that combines the fraud from Genesis to the fear of purgatory and eternal damnation.
e. Smoke and mirrors from a thru d obscuring the reigns of heresy. “Integrity’s Bar”

When children are taught with fiction about Adam and Eve, without being told Eden’s tale represents myth instead of truth, the narrative justifying atonement doctrine’s deception becomes a catalyst for fraud. Pretense is conveyed as ‘good news’ by corrupting the memory of Jesus with the imagery of Christ. No one serving on the U. S. Supreme Court can disagree and yet the court continues to allow America’s children to be brainwashed by Jewish fiction. Their acquiescence denies many children of their right to live in a nation that sponsors justice for all.

Imagine Bernie a political candidate taking affirmative action against ignorance that corrupts the status quo, by denouncing the current acquiescence towards lukewarm affection for justice that sustains Catholicism’s fraud. By swallowing Eden’s rib fib the Christian Right willfully chooses to lower the bar for intellectual integrity. In today’s world many Christians will not admit to swallowing the rib fib. Instead they live in denial of emergent truth and the scholarship that illuminates the presence of perjured truth (the rib fib).

“The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has now firmly stated: ‘Masses of evidence render the application of the concept of evolution to man and the other primates beyond serious dispute.’” Arthur C. Clarke

By living in denial of grace that frees us from primitive fundamentalism (illuminated by emergent truth) Christians become posers who serve Eden’s fraud. If we agree that fraud cannot be grace from God what do we do about allowing fraud from Genesis to be taught to children?

catholicism subterfuge fraud n. 1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. 2. A piece of trickery; a swindle. 3. a. Heresy that misleads with a myth. b. Ignorance that assumes a false pose. c. Pretense that masquerades as grace from “God.” “Discernment”

What does it mean to be discerning? What do Christians imply when they say some people have the ‘gift of discernment.’? Can the claim be valid when those who are ‘in Christ’ actually become so because they cannot discern truth from fiction?

Jesus tried to deal with the credulity of his neighbors, their willingness to accept Judaism at face value and never question the Torah. The Anti Christ must do the same thing, by adding the fraud from the New Testament to the original equation Jesus knew how to solve.

Imagine Jesus speaking the following verse “when that which is perfect comes, that which is imperfect is done away with” on the steps of every New Testament church. What would he mean?

class: “Adam and Eve must be replaced with Wallace and Darwin.”

02.28.16 “The Perfect Wave”

Truth Fix
In the beginning there were no surfboards. In fact, there were no mammals able to imagine what one might look like. Surfboards came into existence after Semites learned to dance without their foreskin. “Christ” is a surfboard for Judaism 2.0.

kathy sue: “Christian soldiers surf on ignorance stamped holy.”
gnolitter: “Mammals who prefer to surf with truth use boards made by ‘Wallace and Darwin.’ ™ ”
gnolice: “The U. S. Supreme Court prefers to surf with atonement doctrine.”
gnovice: “How do they learn that doing so becomes a slippery slope for acts of high treason?”
kathy sue: “Their cognitive dissonance is healed by the Anti Christ.”