03.24.16 “Toxicity”

by edifytruth

Class Discernment
“We poison our culture
by sanctioning the lie.
Anointing Jesus as ‘the Christ’
leaves a beam in our eye.

Anointing Jesus as ‘the Christ’
requires truth that’s flawed.
Judaism 2.0
turns promise into fraud.”

brother cope: “I’ve spent my entire adult life preaching the gospel of Jesus. You’re saying Christians are victims of fraud.”

gnolitter: “The fraud makes heretics into charlatans who believe they are serving God.”

gnolice: “Take ISIS for example. Instead of a cross they use bombs, but they do not differ much from the KKK and its desire to arm Jesus and his followers with assault rifles.”

gnovice: “We’re really not talking about apples and oranges. The rib fib has consequences that lead to the amplification of disorder, division and strife. We cannot heal or eradicate the ignorance in the mind of any Muslim until we end the practice of inculcating America’s children with atonement doctrine.”

kathy sue: “You see brother cope, Jesus didn’t acquiesce to the rib fib, atonement doctrine, or the nonsense from the burning bush. He did the exact opposite and protested against the heresy you take as sacrosanct. Atonement doctrine is heresy and it is required to turn the memory of Jesus into ‘the Christ.’ Christ personifies Judaism 1.0 and makes you a bastard, hybrid Jew.”

gnolitter: “God cannot bless America without helping you see no one should be exposed to Judaism 1 and 2.0.”

gnofleas: “Each must be replaced with intellectual integrity that does not live in denial of the fact ‘God’ is slandered by Genesis and the imagery of Christ.”

class: “When we add to the truth we subtract from it.”

gnolitter: “Imagine that Uncle Sam could win the global war on terrorism by throwing the devil under the bus. Now ask yourself ‘do we really want to win?’”
gnolice: “Can you answer ‘yes, we do.’?”
gnovice: “In order to throw Satan under the bus and win the war we must remove the Torah from America’s courts.”
kathy sue: “That act empowers justice for all and justice begins by teaching children without ignorance stamped holy.”

gnofleas: “Imagine Hillary saying ‘Help me bring an end to the fraud and make America a land that is closer to free.’  Should the women in America want that?”
class: “If you can answer ‘yes’ then its time to throw Satan under the bus.”

“Would you persuade, speak of interest, not of reason.”
Ben Franklin, 1706-1790

Advertisements “Evangelicalism”

by edifytruth elford

How does the ‘body of Christ’ embrace truth, separate the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ, and continue as an evangelical force? What happens when the memory of Jesus is exalted as an advocate of ‘equality, liberty and justice for all’ instead of ignorance stamped holy?

For starters, Christian arrogance is cast to the wind and those who have a genuine affection for what Jesus taught can walk with humility, instead of their affection for atonement doctrine generated from the illusion of a virgin birth.

gnolitter: “Jesus + ignorance = division and strife”

gnolice: “Jesus + the imagery of Christ = the personification of ignorance from the Torah.”

gnovice: “Jesus – ignorance = unconditional love instead of legalism spawned by the fear of God.”

kathy sue: “Emergent truth is grace from ‘God.’ It frees us from the Torah’s fraud. Imagine ‘amazing grace’ without a Judgment Day. Is ‘God’ able to love creation with perfect love instead of a rib bone fib?”

gnolice: “We know it is a rib bone fib. What happens when we are led to the believe God’s grace replaces the rib fib with the pursuit of equality, liberty and justice for all?”

gnovice: “What happens when we allow 13:10 to become real?”

kathy sue: “The short answer is we can begin to “love one another” without ignorance stamped holy.” ( “Undefiable Logic” )

(e. gnofleas: “I’m called to serve as a bridge through integrity’s eye.
Jesus also wanted ‘monkish ignorance’ to die.”) “Undefiable Logic”

by edifytruth

1. Ignorance is a catalyst for division and strife. Ignorance divides America. When we overcome the ignorance we unify our nation. We become the United States of America.

2. The Torah’s influence on American culture makes justice anemic by perverting the status quo. Catholicism is founded on the ignorance derived from the rib bone fib. Transcending the ignorance from the rib bone fib allows all Christians to separate the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ.

3. When Judaism 2.0 is ‘done away with,’ by declaring the fraud from atonement doctrine anathema, children are no longer taught with perjured truth.

4. When we end the practice of teaching with the imagery of Christ, purgatory and eternal damnation we replace the ignorance that fuels heresy with knowledge that empowers improved understanding.

5. ‘God’ raises the bar for literacy in America by using the Anti Christ to help the body of Christ overcome ignorance stamped holy.

Christian defiance
1. It challenges the power and validity of truth and resists boldly, by openly defying truth as it is revealed by ‘God’ through the passage of time.
2. It offers effective resistance to Darwinism and demands that children be taught with imperfect intellectualism. (It inculcates with irrational fears, generated by heresies that include purgatory and eternal damnation.)
3. It leads parents to teach children fellowships with fraud fallaciously exalted as grace from God.

Justice for all allows leads to elementary scholarship that includes exposure to the truth, as we come to understand it. Those who possess a spirit of treason seek to impede grace from God and pretend their actions are rightly shielded by the freedom of religion clause.

Once there was a campfire
in the land with a Dead Sea
where (the) children of Abraham
gave wings to heresy.

Judaism 1 & 2.0 :    “In Allah We Trust
with Adam and Eve.
We use narrative
 to help us deceive.”

“Can you dig it?”

03.23.16 “Evaporation”

by edifytruth

Swansboro Elementary

gnolitter: “If we take a glass of water and set it in a window it will eventually disappear. What happens to the water?”

brother cope: “It evaporates.”

gnolitter: “Okay class, brother cope is right. How can we stop the water in the glass from evaporating for thousands of years?”

gnolice: “We can use holidays like Christmas and Easter.”

brother cope: “How does celebrating our affection for Jesus keep the water from evaporating?”

gnovice: “The water in the glass represents ignorance. Atonement doctrine’s ignorance cannot evaporate if we allow holidays to help people believe it’s not ignorance.”

kathy sue: “Judaism 2.0 corrupts the memory of Jesus with the imagery of Christ. We cannot remove the ignorance from the glass and fill it with Wallace and Darwin because the Church wants to sustain the fiction and the heresy derived from the rib fib in Genesis.” (<- The Origin of Catholicism.)

gnolitter: “Celebrating the birth and death of Jesus incorrectly, promotes the life of atonement doctrine, not grace from ‘God’ or truth about Jesus.”

(Catholicism has turned America into a fascist nation. You’re being somewhat unfair to Donald, Amy. Judicial acquiescence is the greater evil. Donald is simply fruit from the KKK’s tree.)

I’m “learning to be creative within the confines of our my limitations.” “Discipline”

by edifytruth

gnolitter: “Christian parents discipline children with soft truth. Soft truth uses Adam and Eve. That’s where the Jews chose to begin. Catholicism is bogus. There was no Original Sin.”

kathy sue: “Folk who teach with hard truth acknowledge the lack of evidence suggesting that a loving Creator does exist. Most Christians will say they believe because they were raised to accept the Bible as ‘inerrant truth.’ It begins with a rib fib and ends with a lie. Jerry glorifies the lie by adding an assault rifle.

gnolice: “When justice for all helps regulate the educational curriculum of America’s children the fraud from the Bible will not interfere with the vision of equality, liberty and literacy that is necessary in more perfect unions.”

gnovice: “The attitude of the U. S. Supreme Court towards the value of emergent truth keeps the possibility that God wants to bless America beyond God’s reach.” 

gnofleas: “Remember the question ‘If God can do anything, can God make a rock so big God cannot lift it?’ We should change it to read ‘Can God make a Roman Catholic so stubborn he or she cannot repent?’ Then follow with ‘What about a Jew?’”

“When we discipline with more perfect truth we do not end with the consequences from imperfect intellectualism wreaking havoc upon our vision for America.”

gnolice: “‘God’ does not want a Christian nation. The Pope wants a Christian nation.”
gnovice: “‘Justice for all’ brings tribulation to Judaism 1 and 2.0. That begins with fidelity to our pledges of allegiance instead of acquiescence to the rib bone fib.”