04.30.16 “An Alternate Choice”

by edifytruth

Camp Greenville, S.C.

(Camp Greenville, S.C.)

The Heretic’s Creed
“God’s grace requires a rib fib.
We must covet Adam and Eve.
Jesus cannot be ‘the Christ’
unless we help God deceive.”

The Nature of Incongruity
What if grace did not require the use of fraud? What would happen if we used truth to structure belief in God? That would require embracing ‘God’ without religion, because the Bible contains attributes of imperfect intellectualism. 

Sharing what Jesus had to add about social cohesion cannot become ‘more perfect’ until we deal with the fertile fiction that anoints his memory with the imagery of Christ. Until we accomplish that feat, we are divided by the decadence that uses the fraud from atonement doctrine to makes both justice and integrity in all Christians and Jews anemic.

Let’s play a game and explore the following three verses. Let’s couple “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. Because you say, ‘I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing.'” with 13:10’s “when that which is perfect is come, that which is imperfect is done away with.”

Can ‘God’ bless America’s Christians and Jews when they refuse to allow “that which is imperfect to be done away with?” What happens when the adherents of Judaism 1 and 2.0 live in open defiance of truth that sets many heretics free. (class: “Religious anarchy.”) What happens when neighbors say “We know the rib fib is from God. We have need of nothing because we know we are going to heaven. We’ve been saved by a rib fib disguised with the imagery of Christ. We are rich and will inherit the kingdom of God forever, because we believe in heresy. No truth is required.” ?

The short answer is “God cannot bless America when miscreants live in defiance of emergent truth. The freedom of religion clause does not sanction religious anarchy.” 

The U. S. Supreme Court must repent and remove the Bible from all courts in order to continue the work which empowers freedom with grace from God.

What does the ‘Great Commission’ become once it has been born again?

class: “Find problems and fix them.”
(Doubts and Convictions)

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by edifytruth


Camp Greenville, S.C.
Camp Greenville, S.C.

Let’s poll Christendom.

1. If ‘God’ is real and ‘God’ is love, is God’s love perfect?

2. If ‘God’ is real and God’s love is perfect, is perfect love unconditional?

3. If perfect love is unconditional, would Jesus be his brother’s keeper if he told the priests they were wrong to throw stones at one another?

4. If perfect love is unconditional, and the New Testament says “Perfect love casteth out fear,” does that mean those who teach with purgatory and damnation have a ‘form of godliness’ that ‘denies the power thereof?’  Both serve to manipulate minds with imperfect intellectualism.

5. If 1, 2, & 4 are “yes” and 3 is “no” does that mean the memory of Jesus has been corrupted by the imagery of Christ?

6. If grace includes emergent truth and we live in denial of it, are we worshiping ‘God’ in the spirit of truth?

7. Does worshiping ‘God’ in a spirit of truth matter?

8. If worshiping ‘God’ in a spirit of truth matters, what must be done with the fiction that uses Adam and Eve to frame the heresy of atonement doctrine?

9. Is Corinthians 13:10 meant to be excluded from the minds of those serving on the U. S. Supreme Court, so they can use the freedom of religion clause to grant the fraud from Genesis wiggle room, or does the wisdom from 13:10 reveal the proper path of justice for all?

10. If ‘God’ works in “mysterious ways,” do those two words allow ‘God’ to use fraud and impede justice for all, by allowing the memory of Jesus to be corrupted by fruit from a forbidden tree?

04.29.16 “Circling the Wagons”

by edifytruth

Camp Greenville, S.C.
Camp Greenville, S.C.

Heretics are circling their wagons when they make arguments in favor of separation between Church and State. It’s heresy that causes the conflict. When folk who work to strengthen the Church walk with truth they are forced to acknowledge that no one in Christ can walk without the fiction that includes a talking snake. Embracing intellectual integrity causes the razzle-dazzle from grace with eternal damnation to lose its luster. Genuine grace frees us from imperfect intellectualism because perfect love eviscerates fear. (1 John 4:18)

congregational response: “We must circle the wagons
and defend the fraud.
We cannot acknowledge
our gospel is flawed.”

gnolice: “Is it God’s will that you live in denial”
gnovice: “of emergent truth that allows us to see?” 
gnolice: “Sanctioning hatred makes society vile.”
gnovice: “We can exalt Jesus without heresy.”

gnolitter: “God did not author the rib bone fib.”
kathy sue: “Where’s the harm in driving a stake
through the belief that the Devil is real?

‘Overcomers’ must transcend primitive fundamentalism in order to empower equality, liberty and justice for all. Fraud from perjured truth is used to deceive. Darwin and Wallace help us to understand elders told a whopper framed by ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve.’

kathy sue: “Grace uses truth to help us understand ‘God’ did not create Adam and Eve.”

“The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has now firmly stated: ‘Masses of evidence render the application of the concept of evolution to man and the other primates beyond serious dispute.’”  Arthur C. Clarke

Justice for all does not require a Constitutional amendment. It requires lukewarm acquiescence to biblical creationism (fraud) be ‘done away with’ in order to escape the appearance of judicial impropriety.

04.28.16 “Pastor Ric, et al”

by edifytruth


(Completing the circle leads me to 1973, not 1988.)

“Forgive us our trespasses.
We’ve swallowed Eden’s lie.
Helps us see how perjured truth
forged a beam in our eye.”

gnolitter: “Christian theology can be reduced to the equation 1 – 1 = 1. Third graders know that one minus one cannot equal one, so how can the Bible be the Word of God?” (Can Truth minus Truth equal Truth?) 

the twins: “Christians cannot understand
why ‘Origin of Species*’ matters.
When we subtract Adam and Eve
atonement doctrine shatters.”

kathy sue: “In order for the memory of Jesus to be resurrected as Peter’s “Christ” it must be coupled to the fraud many teach as literal truth. It, biblical creationism, becomes fraud when it is taught as literal truth.”

gnolice: “When atonement doctrine is done away with, because it is a catalyst for fraud, purgatory and damnation are deflated and Catholicism has no basis for being Judaism 2.0.”

gnovice: “It must be born again.”

pastor ric: “How can it be born again without the blood of God’s lamb?”

gnolitter: “The blood of ‘God’s lamb,’ if it were truly ‘God’s lamb,’ would bless Americans entrapped by the fraud with a willingness to wash everyone’s feet with unconditional love.”

kathy sue: “It’s not the blood that matters, it’s the proper memory of Jesus that frees folk from their fearful affection for ignorance stamped holy.” (“Perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” “There is no fear in love.”)

gnolice: “John 3:16 is used to obscure truth by anointing the memory of Jesus with atonement doctrine’s thorny crown.”

gnovice: “When we crown ‘heresy’ as grace from ‘God’ justice and integrity become anemic. That is why we need the perspective of the Anti Christ to cancel the acquiescence bred in those who allow the freedom of religion clause to sanction perjured truth.”

“When that which is perfect is come*, that which is imperfect religious anarchy is done away with.” That empowers the freedom to believe in and worship ‘God’ while embracing the spirit of truth.

“Nietzsche (may have) thought that the word idiot best described Jesus.” He did not take into account one reality where the memory of Jesus has been corrupted by zealots who sought to redeem atonement doctrine.

It’s time to “watch the mountain turn to dust and blow away.”

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04.27.16 “Truth Tell”

by edifytruth

gnolitter: “Sometimes Truth’s not crystal.
By crystal we mean clear.
Christians use a rib fib
to fill young minds with fear.

gnolice: “Alienation is wrought by those
masquerading as servants of God.”
gnovice: “When we subtract ‘Original Sin’”
kathy sue: “we free the misguided from  fraud.”



class: “Is heresy contagious?
We think it just might be.
See what happens with a rib bone fib
from the land with a Dead Sea?”

(It Don’t Come Easy)