“Streaming Contrast” wc 152

by edifytruth

4thPsychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

Pick One
Which choice represents imperfect intellectualism?

a. “Some things are meant to be left alone. Ignorance stamped holy is one of them.” (We use the freedom of religion clause to turn a blind eye towards Genesis.) 

b. “When understanding comes, that which is found to be imperfect is done away with.” (Ignorance stamped holy should be left alone.)

If we choose “a.” it allows America’s children to be taught with ignorance that masquerades as grace from God. (Adam and Eve)

If we choose “b.” Wallace and Darwin replace the imagery of Christ. (The imagery of Christ cannot exist without the fiction that was used to conjure Adam and Eve.)

Atonement doctrine is imperfect. When it is ‘done away with’ the memory of Jesus is separated from the imagery of Christ.

Which choice represents imperfect intellectualism?


class: “Which choice empowers justice for all?”

Advertisements “Impropriety” wc 196

by edifytruth

4thPsychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

HD versus UHD
Chief Justice: “It is incorrect to say ‘Zionism should be defined as Capitalism with a rib bone fib.’”
the Pope: “Zionism is Capitalism with a rib bone fib disguised as ‘the King of kings and Lord of lords.’”

Chief Justice: “It’s not our fault that ignorance stamped holy causes some Muslims to wear suicide vests and believe the devil is real. It’s not our fault that many Roman Catholics are afflicted with the same belief. The freedom of religion clause protects the beam in the eye of every American general or judge who covets mythopoeic fraud.”

gnolitter: “But if we empower justice and banish perjured truth all Muslims and Christians will stop believing that Satan is real. Christian judges can still commune with the memory of Jesus and his teachings without concern for the paranoia that forges another heresy with Judgment Day.”

kathy sue: “Let’s free American fellowships from ‘monkish ignorance’ and make our pursuit of a more perfect union real. Freedom to walk with faith that does not include fraud begins when we accept atonement doctrine’s flawed.”


District 29-b: “Golly!”

07.31.16 “Brevity” wc 81

by edifytruth

4thPsychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

When the memory of Jesus is corrupted
ministers convey truth that’s flawed.
When narrative that deceives is ‘done away with’
‘grace’ frees folk victimized by Eden’s fraud.

“When that which is perfect is come,
then that which is imperfect is done away with.”


class: “We can carry a cross for truth
or carry one for fraud.
Folk who preach with ‘Christ’ Jesus
mislead with truth that’s flawed.”

Future-human-evolution-process “3rd Grade Faith” wc 48

by edifytruth


Folk who choose to exalt ‘Christ’
have been entrapped by fraud.
Justice for all frees us from
embracing truth that’s flawed.

When fraud is ‘done away with’
we neutralize the spell
using pulpits to proclaim
‘God’s grace must include hell.’

goethe (2)

07.30.16 “The High Court’s Dilemma” wc 278

by edifytruth

al1Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

When heresy’s protected grace from ‘God’
cannot use justice to overcome fraud.

Chief Justice: “Adam and Eve are protected by the freedom of religion clause. Even though we know they are characters of Jewish fiction we cannot prevent children from being taught with fraud because the objective of the fraud seeks to help everyone glorify ‘God’ and love one another. The greater good overcomes our need to walk with truth or integrity.”

gnofleas: “What about justice for all?”

gnolitter: “If ‘justice for all’ in heaven is real, and no child is taught with fraud because ‘God’ prefers truth, shouldn’t the High Court empower truth on earth as it is in heaven?’”

Chief Justice: “God works in mysterious ways and Judaism must subvert truth so Christians can save souls with the fraud from Eden.”

gnolice: “If ‘God’ is truth why must ‘God’ use fraud?”

Chief Justice: “Because fraud serves the greater good when it leads citizens to believe in the existence of God.”

gnovice: “What about justice for all? Why can’t justice empower truth as lord and help us overcome the ignorance that leads to chaos, division and strife?”

Chief Justice: “Because chaos, division and strife will always be with us. We must stay the course and believe Jesus is coming to rapture the faithful from the fraud that’s using a rib fib to glorify God!”

kathy sue: “But what about justice for all? Why can’t we subtract the rib bone fib and redeem the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ?”

gnofleas: “Grace allows truth to redeem the memory the body of Christ is using to deceive.”

Grace without the fraud. (‘Systemic barrier’)