12.31.16 “A Treatise on Fraud” wc 212

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


gnofleas: “It seems to me John, that the central argument involves answering the question ‘Should America’s children be exposed to fraud every day of the year?’”

chief justice: “So long as the fraud glorifies ‘God,’ by anointing atonement doctrine ‘king of kings’ and ‘lord of lords,’ it is protected by the religion clause. In essence, that means our children must be denied the justice that would allow them to become literate citizens of the 21st century.”

gnofleas: “Suppose God wanted to free America from the fraud. What if ‘God’ inspired someone to walk with the mindset of the Anti Christ and put a boot in the ass of the Pope?”

chief justice: “A boot in the ass?”

gnofleas: “Exposed the pope as a charlatan who serves as an emissary of Judaism 2.0, instead of grace from God. If ‘God’ inspires ‘justice for all’ on earth to be as it is in heaven, atonement doctrine and the imagery of Christ must be done away with. Can your faulty understanding of justice allow the religion clause to clip the wings of God’s omnipotence?”

chief justice: “Absolutely. That is why I serve a second master and support the fraud.”


12.30.16 “Block Chain Theology” wc 203

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


gnofleas: “What is the easiest way to crown ‘fraud’ king of kings and lord of lords?”

class: “Educate children with fertile fiction from a talking snake.”

gnofleas: “Where’s the proof that indoctrinating children with religious heresy allows fraud to personify atonement doctrine as ‘the son of God for the people of God?’

class: “Judaism 2.0.”

gnofleas: “How can ‘God’ redeem the integrity of truth and empower ‘justice for all,’ when the highest court in the land covets atonement doctrine’s fraud as heresy that is protected by the freedom of religion clause?”

class: “With utter simplicity.”

gnofleas: “What act represents utter simplicity?”

class: “Ripping Genesis from a courtroom bible.”

gnofleas: “How does eviscerating biblical creationism redeem integrity in those who’ve become entrapped by Eden’s rib bone fib?”

class: “When that which is imperfect is done away with God blesses America.”

kathy sue: “It’s not rocket science, pastor ric. When Wallace and Darwin replace Adam and Eve charlatans lose their power to deceive.”

class: “Christians are charlatans
who’ve been taught to believe
Eden’s fertile fiction
made Lucifer tempt Eve.”

“When we exalt Jesus
without Eden’s lie
we remove the beam from
the heretic’s every Christian’s eye.”

12.29.16 “Liberation Theology” wc 374

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


Dysfunctional jurisprudence literacy orthodoxy
covets perjured truth as good news
because cognitive dissonance
sugar coats Eden’s rib bone ruse.

Can ‘God’ use truth to free our court
from the view it must sanction fraud?
Can grace inspire an Anti Christ
to illuminate truth that’s flawed?

Young children are betrayed by ignorance
that includes purgatory and hell.
God wants to empower justice
and eviscerate atonement’s spell.


chief justice: “Attenuating frequencies
must neutralize the truth
so we can teach with Eden’s fraud
and claim the fraud is truth.”

Jesus: “Huh?”

Jiddu: “John serves a second master
and sanctions Eden’s fraud.
Children in America
are taught with truth that’s flawed.

gnofleas: “Grace becomes the ‘flower’
John would have us throw away
so charlatans can preach
with the fear of Judgment Day.”

Jiddu’s flower.
“Creation lies in the path of careless love.”
Jiddu Khrishnamurti
Light and Darkness


In my garden there is life and death, the laughter of many flowers and the cry of falling petals. A dead tree and a green tree look on each other. It is mid-summer and the shadows are dancing save about the dead tree. The song of waters shall not set it a-dancing, nor the rain bring forth the hidden leaves. Ah, it is so bare, so empty! Who shall nourish it, who shall caress it with life? The far skies look down on the dead and the living. Through the long suffering winter, lies concealed a seed of lovely promise. Cold winds, tearing gales, noisy storms, hold back the loveliness of the seed. Dark days and sunless hours deny the glory of the seed. With the soft breeze from the warm south the hidden seed awakens to life. The song of the birds over the blue skies calls the still seed to life. The scent of warm rain awakens deep memories of the seed to life. Through the burden of heavy earth, life breaks forth and rejoices. It grew by the dusty road-side among the lazy stones. With its single flower, it danced the day long. A boy, on his homeward way, uproots it and throws it away. Creation lies in the path of careless love.



caveat: “God is Truth.”

12.28.16 “Ape to Angel” wc 75

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


“When justice empowers emergent truth
ignorance decays
in the folk taught to believe
wrath comes from the ‘Ancient of Days.'”





“We’ve read the writing on the wall.
The elders lied. There was no fall.
Fellowships entrap with fraud’s spell
by claiming God’s grace includes hell.”

“Now you know why Darwin matters.
‘Christ’ simply restructures the lie.
Atonement doctrine’s just a bush

that burns in the heretic’s eye.” “The Roberts Court” wc 156

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


gnolitter: “Can the U. S. Supreme Court be forced to rule on a somewhat complex matter? What happens when we demand ‘justice for all’ and confront a lukewarm and anemic grasp of freedom in America?”

gnolice: “Can the freedom of religion clause protect fraud in a manner that allows children to be taught with ignorance stamped holy?”
gnovice: “Or, must ‘justice for all’ force intellectual integrity upon those who cling to atonement doctrine as though it were grace from God instead of fraud from Eden?”

kathy sue: “If justice requires that perjured truth be denied an opportunity to infect Americans with imperfect intellectualism, then justice becomes real and the rib bone fib is done away with.”

gnofleas: “Vested interests are concerned that intellectual integrity will expose Catholicism for what it is and end the game between thrones, heretics and heresy. That strengthens national security.”