“John’s Dark Night” wc 309

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


Should God embellish the arrogance
from the hybrid orthodox Jews
who demand that justice must serve fraud
coveting fertile fiction’s ruse?

chief justice: “God wants America to be a Christian nation. We choose to embrace perjured truth so we can help God make America a Christian nation.”

gnofleas: “What if it’s not God who employs a rib bone fib to impede justice or literacy for all?”

gnolitter: “Then what?”

gnolice: “What if the perspective of the Anti Christ simply parallels the criticism that Jesus shared before he was nailed to a cross?”

gnovice: “Do you suppose Jesus was free to abstain from clubbing folk with fertile fiction and claiming it was God’s will?”

kathy sue: “Do you want to be like Jesus, John? Does God require that you serve the Pope by claiming the freedom of religion clause must protect Catholicism’s fraud?’”


qorrtz: “If God is real, omnipotent and able to answer prayer as so many acolytes claim, can you ignore truth that has been revealed with the fullness of time?”

chief justice: “It is God’s will for Americans to respect the fraud and deny justice to all. There is simply nothing any of us can do about it.”

How do we fix the problem? Will living in denial of solvent criticism,
by choosing to serve perjured truth, make America ‘holy?”

11 “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

Once John was a child, talked like a child, thought like a child and reasoned like a child. Now he kneels to kiss the pope’s ring. Why shouldn’t the demand we covet perjured truth be considered a domestic threat to intellectual integrity?

What will it do to a ‘Holy See?’


04.30.17 “Simplifying Literacy” wc 188

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


Orthodox elders covet a whopper
used to grow fruit on a forbidden tree.
There was no fall from Original Sin.
Justice uses truth to set Christians free.

gnolitter: “Let’s say ‘When DNA changes during replication it can go in one of three different directions.’ Let’s say ‘Perfect replication would be the right way.’ Imperfect replication could lead to cancerous cell growth and inevitable death.”

gnolice: “Christian theology begins with a rib bone fib as the foundation for atonement doctrine, which ‘faith’ requires in order to pass through heaven’s pearly gates.”

gnovice: “If we agree that intellectual integrity is undermined when someone is taught to think fraud is required to escape the wrath of God, now or in the hereafter, we cannot allow the memory of Jesus to be corrupted by the imagery of Christ. Why?”

kathy sue: “We live in a nation that is supposed to empower justice for all.”

class: “The Supreme Court cannot interpret the freedom of religion
clause in a manner that denies justice to all.”

We cannot sanction fraud.
Acquiescence becomes an act of treason, John. “Chuck’s Intrinsic Value” wc 150

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


When we say no to Eden’s ruse
we cannot become bastard Jews.

pastor chuck: “Bastard Jews?” (This is a fictional dialogue.)

gnolitter: “Christians, pastor chuck. When we replace Adam and Eve with Wallace and Darwin Jesus cannot be anointed with the imagery of Christ.”

pastor chuck: “So we will have to put away our childish beliefs and accept God’s desire to bless America with freedom from atonement doctrine’s ruse?”

gnofleas: “That’s the end game for the anti Christ perspective, chuck. Freedom allows us to embrace the teachings of Jesus and subtract the nonsense that leads so many to believe Judaism 2.0 has intrinsic value.”

pastor ric: “Thanks for letting chuck help share my burden. It’s difficult to realize all Christians are prodigal children who desire to walk with truth but fall short of it.”

cc: pastor chuck,  pastor rick

04.29.17 “Logical Personalities” wc 151

by edifytruth (aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


gnolitter: “If shaping a child’s personality required a choice between two paths, and freedom was more than an illusion, which path is the wiser choice?”

gnolice: “The first says ‘let’s club the child with a rib bone fib and call it grace from God.’”

gnovice: “The second says ‘let’s teach with truth instead of myth and see if we can empower equality, liberty and justice for all without ignorance stamped holy.’”

kathy sue: “Those of us who claim God wants America to be a Christian nation have chosen the myth. The myth undermines the literacy required to make America real.”

qorrtz: “America becomes real when justice becomes real. Justice for all does not allow children to be taught with ignorance stamped holy. (Eden’s myth, biblical creationism and Judgment Day are all attributes of imperfect intellectualism masquerading as grace from God.)”

. “Vulgar Discernment” wc 161

by edifytruth (aiming higher for Hell’s Bottom)

Psychological Warfare 404
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


the Pope: “We can make atonement doctrine’s cock
appear as ‘good news’
by using the memory of Jesus
to obscure our ruse.”

pastor ric: “What do you mean by ‘ruse?’”

chief justice: “There was no fall from grace, pastor ric. There was no forbidden tree. Genesis is just a myth. We use the myth as the cornerstone for an operating system that butchers goats and lambs so we can walk with peace of mind and the hope of heaven.”

the pope: “It’s proven to be quite profitable. All we have to do now is defeat the Anti Christ perspective.” (a.k.a. ‘intellectual integrity’)

catholicism subterfuge fraud n. 1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. 2. A piece of trickery; a swindle. 3. a. Heresy that misleads with a myth. b. Ignorance that assumes a false pose. c. Pretense that masquerades as grace from “God.”