“Psychological Warfare”

by edifytruth (‘lejerne’s’ ass aiming higher)

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


The Military Industrial Complex
Our 34th President, “Ike,” may have been the first to express concern for militarism. (Ike was born in 1890. “Lejerne’s ass” hit the beach naval maternity ward in 1955, during Ike’s watch.) An inert MIC operates from a secular perspective. It is no threat to solvent criticism when truth is the cornerstone for justice. America’s success with inert mindfulness is a work in progress. The “Faith militant” are certain that “God” wants America to be a Christian nation. This problem is exacerbated by judicial acquiescence.

Boykin’s belief that Christ will return with an assault rifle permeates primitive fundamentalists. Being born into a secular perspective, while still in Dixie, prompts me to respond as a secular militant who has no need for ‘ricin,’ ‘anthrax’ or a ‘bomb vest.’ Ripping Genesis from a courtroom bible and burning Dad’s flag (from the American Legion) in front of the courthouse (to protest systemic judicial contempt for emergent truth) suffices as my own personal rubicon for buttressing the personification of a more wholesome American perspective.

Religious faith is vexed by imperfect intellectualism. Clubbing children with a rib bone fib leads to the imagery of “Christ with an assault rifle” and the view we should “nuke ‘em all and let God decide.” Social cohesion is the fruit of a literate nation. The Bible belt is the fruit of fertile fiction masquerading as grace from ‘God.’ Now all of America is throttled by Christian politicians clamoring for their 15 minutes a live feed, everyday. Issues need playtime. We need to subtract the ignorance generating false flags, news and integrity.”

That’s the thrust of the Photon Missives. We cannot make America “great again” because that destination is still in ‘limbo (never arrived).’ Removing the fraud from Genesis is another ‘baby step’ toward literacy that encourages every nation to sponsor intellectual integrity. We can have our cake and eat it too. All we have to do is separate the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ. You have just been touched tagged by the Anti Christ perspective.





Mr. BARROS: It was Lejerne here up until the middle ’60s, and then it just went to pot. If I can get these rednecks down here to say Lejerne, we got it made.