“Catholicism’s Anarchy”

by edifytruth

3.2Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

The Holy See has lost its way. “Nobody may be forced to act against his convictions, nor is anyone to be restrained from acting in accordance with his conscience in religious matters in private or in public, alone or in association with others, within due limits.” (The Pope, et al.) http://religiondispatches.org/who-defines-religious-freedom/

2,000 years of history allow us to substantiate how heresy is used to foster false “convictions.” The imperfect witness of God’s grace, created with atonement doctrine 2.0, uses purgatory and eternal damnation to strong-arm fertile fiction into a catalyst that turns every Christian ‘under the sun’ into heresy’s children.

When Wallace and Darwin replace Adam and Eve, the fact there was no act of ‘Original Sin’ evaporates the oil from Catholicism’s lamp. If you can imagine atonement doctrine as a grotesque fig growing on a tree that must wither and die,  in order for ‘God’ to bless America, you have the Great Tribulation in a nut shell.

Let’s wash the Pope’s feet and free Christians from their affection for imperfect intellectualism. Grace from ‘God’ does not force anyone “to act against his (or her) convictions.” Grace from ‘God’ removes the beam from the eye cognitive dissonance from folk who are victimized by ignorance stamped holy. Jesus cannot be ‘the Christ’ because ‘God’ did not create Adam and Eve. Truth matters. Truth enlightens. Truth frees Catholics from bondage to the ruse that corrupts the memory of Jesus with the glorified imagery of atonement doctrine. Fraud is fraud, even when some claim it was fathered by the Holy Spirit and born from the womb of a virgin.

Once there was a campfire
in the land with a Dead Sea
where elders told the whopper
that entraps the Holy See.

gnolice: “God did not breathe life into Adam. 
The passage of time helps us see.” 
gnovice: “The Anti Christ serves to cleanse the world 
from fraud used to crown heresy.” 

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05.31.16 “Genuine Security”

by edifytruth


Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

Let’s play pick one.
a. “National security is best served by coveting a perverted status quo.”
b. “National security becomes real when we overcome the flawed intellectualism that perverts the status quo.”

If b. is the correct answer for empowering equality, liberty and justice for all, we replace Adam and Eve with Wallace and Darwin.
If b. is the correct answer atonement doctrine 1 and 2.0 are done away with.

When our high court chooses a. we defend the rib fib by granting the freedom of religion clause the power to sanction religious fraud.

It is not logical to think we can build a more perfect union by sanctioning fraud. When something is not logical it becomes illogical. We can contrast the reality by offering two choices.

a. “More perfect unions become real by coveting the fiction that begat Adam and Eve.”
b. “More perfect unions become real when ‘monkish ignorance’ is done away with.”

Which choice reflects the embrace of 1 Corinthians 13:10? “When that which is perfect is come, that which is imperfect is done away with.”

class:b. “The Doability Doctrine”

by edifytruth


Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

If we swear allegiance to the implementation of ‘justice for all’ should we expect Supreme Courts to rule against the use of fraud in religious doctrine?” When fraud is present in Christian theology ‘justice for all’ suffers. When children are taught that ‘Adam and Eve were real people’ an act of fraud has been committed. Which comes first, allegiance to truth or allegiance to an unrestricted freedom of religion clause that corrupts the status quo?

gnolice: “Allegiance to an unrestricted freedom of religion clause allows heretics to claim they are children of God. Can we call down fire from heaven? Can ‘God’ use Goggle and Bing?”
gnovice: “Allegiance to justice, empowered by emergent truth, leads to grace that grants our high court the duty to eviscerate fraud now championed as needful because ‘God wants America to be a Christian nation.’”

kathy sue: “When the U. S. Supreme Court serves a second master it cannot serve ‘God’ or ‘truth.’ If ‘God is truth,’ and Truth is censored in favor of fiction masquerading as Truth, Americans suffer from imperfect leadership by those who swear allegiance to fraud masquerading as truth. Ever see an American swear on a bible? Mature Americans do not.”

gnolitter: “When the court repents from acquiescence to an imperfect interpretation of the freedom of religion clause, Catholicism’s use of atonement doctrine is ‘done away with.’ That frees the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ. It also allows the children of Abraham to step away from their own unbalanced affection for idolatry.”

No American should walk with the belief it is God or Allah’s will to be a Christian, Muslim or Jew. When this occurs, and it does today, justice has been thwarted by service to a second master.

qorrtz: “Service to ignorance stamped holy instead of truth is an act of treason.”
the twins: “Christians cannot understand why ‘Origin of Species’ matters. When we subtract Adam and Eve atonement doctrine shatters.”
gnolitter: “Sometimes Truth’s not crystal. By ‘crystal’ we mean ‘clear.’ Christians use a rib fib to fill young minds with fear.” “Validation”

by edifytruth3.2

Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

Darwin and Wallace validate the perspective of the Anti Christ. When the Catholic Church lives in denial of the fact there was no act of Original Sin, it is free to embrace the heresy of atonement doctrine and ‘add to it’ by pimping purgatory and damnation. When the Catholic Church repents from their sin of omission they must separate the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ.

Intellectual honesty fosters tribulation. Darwin and Wallace are two witnesses who refuse to remain dead. When emergent truth is viewed as the ‘death angel’ ‘God’ is blessing America. “Dissecting Hypocrisy”

by edifytruth


Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”

“It’s not our fault people reap what they’ve sown. It’s God’s will.” If you are inclined to think “that statement is true” are you also able to ask the question “why do I think this way?” Are you willing to open the door to intellectual honesty and end the practice of holding hands with Adam and Eve? Are you willing to go the second mile and free the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ? Are you willing to help ‘God’ bless America?

Can ‘God’ bless those who live in denial of the truth that frees them from ignorance stamped holy? No. They must embrace the truth. Replacing Adam and Eve with Wallace and Darwin allows ‘justice for all’ to become real. When justice becomes real children are no longer entrapped by the fear laden paranoia generated from fraudulent catechisms using the imagery of purgatory and eternal damnation.

What is the chief end of man? class: “Use truth to discern the greater good for all.”

“‘Happiness’ becomes a violent roar”
when grown men presidents serve as  Eden’s  heresy’s whore.

The chaos from Iraq and Syria
is creeping into the West.
How do we address the greater wrong
and leave humanity blessed?