“An Essay Question” wc 223

by edifytruth

Dispersion_prism-150x150Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


“Woe is us. God will not hear our prayers
because we covet Original Sin.”

Is the statement ‘true,’ ‘false,’ or ‘true and false?'”

gnolitter: “If ‘God’ is truth and truth is ‘God’ and we covet ignorance that is not truth, ‘God’ cannot replace religious heresy (ignorance) with the grace that frees society from chaos, division and strife.” (Grace equals Truth)
gnolice: “The statement implies that ‘God’ hears prayers. Unconditional love is perfectly indifferent to the needs of creation. If we fail to use our logic and reason correctly we are cursed with the problems created by affection for imperfect intellectualism.”
gnovice: “If it is us to up to us to answer our own prayers, we must ‘put away childish things,’ like burning coal, coveting a rib bone fib, or being an unbridled republican who cannot stomach restraint from government.”

kathy sue: “Combining the answers above pens an essay that answers the statement as ‘true,’ ‘false’ and ‘true and false.'” (Boolean fuzzy logic)

gnofleas: “Evolution allows our species to ‘think.’ We can use logic and reason. If we fail to do so, and lean on canned theology for a substitute that strengthens imperfect intellectualism, ‘God” is hand-cuffed by ignorance stamped holy! When ‘God” is free, ‘God’ cannot be hand-cuffed circumcised by ignorance stamped holy.”


08.31.16 “Papal Fallibility” wc 303

by edifytruth (the one post?)

Dispersion_prism-150x150Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


Grace includes the freedom to illuminate truth. It requires the passage of time. The Pope’s a servant of the fraud personifying truth that’s flawed. When we subtract Adam and Eve we (must) restructure what we believe.


gnolice: “The religious tyranny exploiting instinctual fear uses the wrath of ‘God’ to make ignorance cherished and dear.”
gnovice: “That is why coupling the memory of Jesus with the imagery of Christ turns grace into an opportunity to harness the paranoia derived from the heresies (of purgatory, eternal damnation and excommunication) that are part of Judaism 2.0’s répertoire.

“Perfect love casteth out fear;
because fear hath torment.
He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”
“There is no fear in love.”

gnolitter: “When the Supreme Court banishes the fraud we will have the freedom to embrace grace without fear driving the insanity that comes with obedience to our perception of righteous and unrighteous indignation.”




irrational paranoia

Imperfect faith makes neighbors
corrupt Truth with Eden’s lie.
Teaching children to fear ‘God’
forges a beam in their eye.

chief justice: “We must respect churches teaching (children) with fraud because the Pope tells us it’s the will of God.”

gnolitter: “It is not realistic to expect change that improves social cohesion abroad when our own nation fails to put its best foot forward. We took a step in that direction with the vision of equality, liberty and justice for all. We have made that vision anemic by failing to deal with the fraud from the Genesis rib bone fib. Judaism 2.0 does not represent infallible reasoning, nor does it lead anyone in that direction.”

class: “Christians who fail to repent
choose to covet Eden’s lie.
Emergent truth frees us from
the ignorance that must die.” “Targeting Fallibility” wc 150/227

by edifytruth

Dispersion_prism-150x150Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


Cockroach faith obscures the fraud
teaching children to fear ‘God.’
Judaism 2.0
gives “God’ fraud fellatio.

Atonement doctrine’s heresy
makes Christian fellowships believe
they must covet the sophistry
that employs Satan to deceive.

The imagery of purgatory and damnation
structures an irrational fear of God.
When both are ‘done away with’
infallibility’s exposed as fraud.

catholicism subterfuge fraud n. 1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. 2. A piece of trickery; a swindle. 3. a. Heresy that misleads with a myth. b. Ignorance that assumes a false pose. c. Pretense that masquerades as grace from “God.”

in·fal·li·bil·i·ty noun the quality of being infallible; the inability to be wrong.
(in the Roman Catholic Church) the doctrine that in specified circumstances the pope is incapable of error in pronouncing dogma.
noun: papal infallibility; plural noun: papal infallibilities

Because ‘God’ did not make ‘Adam and Eve’ there was no ‘fall.’ No ‘fall’ means ‘Jesus’ did not rise as ‘the Christ.’ The doctrine of atonement has no cornerstone when the cornerstone is fiction. That means that the Pope serves the fiction of Judaism 1.0 as an avatar of Judaism 2.0. (microlensing)

kathy sue: “The cockroaches will scatter when the U. S. Supreme Court declares atonement doctrine to be the catalyst for the religious fraud from Israel. The act will require judicial integrity.” 

1.111 “The Structure of Faith” wc 197

by edifytruth

Dispersion_prism-150x150Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”


We live in a country that allows every individual the freedom to believe in the existence of ‘God.’ When that freedom is coupled to ‘justice for all’ children cannot be taught with religious fraud. ‘Christ’ is Judaism 2.0 corrupting the memory of Jesus with heresy that masquerades as grace from God.

Can we “love one another” without coveting the heresy? Can we separate the memory of Jesus from the imagery of Christ and allow atonement doctrine to be ‘done away with?’ That is what’s required when we replace Adam and Eve with Wallace and Darwin.

When we fail to embrace emergent truth we prevent ‘God’ from blessing America. When we accept that the rib bone fib leads to chaos, division and strife we are able to free the memory of Jesus from the heresy of atonement doctrine. The fear of ‘God’ entraps Christians with the belief that eternal damnation is a valid concern. That fear warps society with irrational behavior and stress. Grace frees us from the stress by illuminating the fraud that corrupts the memory of Jesus with heresy after heresy. “Extrapolating Solvent Criticism” wc 208

by edifytruth

Dispersion_prism-150x150Psychological Warfare 101
“New eyes to see the dawn.”



“When a single neuron fires, it is an isolated chemical blip. When many fire together, they form a thought.” http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-aglow-scientists-watch-thoughts-form-in-the-brain/?WT.mc_id=SA_FB_MB_NEWS

From the perspective of the Anti Christ, the thought that matters most is how to create ‘neural activity’ that frees victims of atonement doctrine from their affection for ignorance stamped holy.

Choosing to use sarcasm and ridicule to overcome flat earth intellectualism may not be the most efficient path for solvent criticism, but I find it humorous to call my ‘Christian’ neighbors ‘bastard Jews.’ After all, my writing serves as recreational catharsis. Some might be tempted to think that means I possess hatred for the modern day descendants of folk who cursed us with a fertile rib bone fib. Obviously I do not. So the question remains, how do we free the U. S. Supreme Court from the acquiescence that allows justice in America to remain anemic? I’ve been whittling on that very problem, and think its time for the solution to receive critical acclaim. (wink, wink.)

gnolitter: “Chaos, division and strife are sown by everyone who covets imperfect intellectualism. That must include all folk who think with the mind of Christ.” (Judaism 2.0)

class: “What does POTUS think?”